55: The Walking Dead S06E02 Z Nation S02E06 iZombie S02E01 S02E02

The Wolves are HERE! Arnold and Scott chat about a harrowing weekend of zombie TV as they tackle the terrifying attack of the Wolves on Alexandria in THE WALKING DEAD “JSS,” mourn the loss of Cassandra (or is it?) in Z NATION “Zombie Baby Daddy,” and discuss Major’s descent into drugs and death-dealing in the first two episodes of iZOMBIE‘s second season. All this and more as our guys “just survive somehow!”

SPECIAL NOTE for listener Amy Pavlov, who asked on Twitter: “Have you seen the hype about tonight’s #TWD? Examples, Talking Dead and Josh McDermitt implying it’ll be deadly. Why hype it up like that? Does it enrich or reduce the audience’s experience, in your opinion?”

The Doctor says: “Thanks for asking, Amy, and sorry I didn’t answer on the show as promised. In this specific case, I would say the hype was pretty accurate given the extreme content and dramatic focus of the episode, but I do feel that very often a show does not live up to all the hype. I can think of one recent example (not a zombie series) where the social media volume from promotion was sky high, but the actual results were painfully disappointing. In the end, like all advertising, the goal is to get you excited, agitated, and in that seat ready to watch, but that effort is often over-the-top these days regardless of the actual material they’re promoting. As viewers we should evaluate a show on its merits, not on its hype, and not let that hype sway us too much in one direction or another. The best rule in a media-saturated world is to stay conscious of what they’re doing and make your own decisions. And in the case of “JSS,” it certainly did deliver.”

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Show Music: “Bitter Pill” (feat. Vosmoy) by Still Pluto.

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