59: Z Nation S02E09 Plus Special Guest Dan Merchant (Co-Exec Producer, Writer, Director) of Z Nation

The Z NATION team heads to Roswell, New Mexico, where they may find out that there are even more dangerous things than zombies…like zombie aliens?! And while they’re learning that the truth is out there in “RoZwell,” Arnold and Scott talk with the show’s Co-Executive Producer Dan Merchant, most recently doing triple duty as the writer and director on the previous episode, “The Collector!” It’s strange frequencies and stranger encounters in this all-Z NATION episode!

LISTENER CHALLENGE! Did we catch all the references and homages packed into “RoZwell?” Post in the comments here or at our Facebook page and let us know if we missed any!

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Show Music: “Bitter Pill” (feat. Vosmoy) by Still Pluto.

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