61: The Walking Dead S06E06 Z Nation S02E10 Ash Vs Evil Dead S01E03 iZombie S02E06

Arnold and Scott are “Always Accountable” when it comes to critiquing the latest episode of THE WALKING DEAD, and if you ask them they’ll say “We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon.” That goes for the team on Z NATION too, but never mind that because it’s time to talk about “Books From Beyond” courtesy of the newest installment of ASH VS. EVIL DEAD. Finally, some major Major revelations come up in “Max Wager” on iZOMBIE. Four zombie shows, no waiting!

NOTE: Scott was caught in some bad weather during the recording of this episode, so you might notice things are occasionally a bit stuttery. All part of apocalyptic podcast-making!

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Show Music: “Bitter Pill” (feat. Vosmoy) by Still Pluto.

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  • John Nada

    Another great podcast! Your review on TWD was put verry eloquently. Thanks for the shout out on the show! It’s Glenn here with two N’s and yep Glenn lives! I hope we get a turn around in TWD like real soon as I am starting to get impatient!

    Z Nation was awesome! That payote trip was the best and the Grand Canyon scene was massive! You guys hit the nail on the head with Murphy’s look and a Sith Lord! With the mind tricks and the attitude that was a great parallel.

    Evil Dead coverage is great! Thank you I love this show and what they do in 30 min you can’t get much better. What a fun show!

    Thanks guys!

  • Arnold T. Blumberg

    Great to hear from you, Glenn, and you’re welcome! So glad you’re enjoying our show! It’s a good time to be a zombie TV fan, isn’t it? :)

    • John Nada

      Yes Sir it is great time for zombie TV fans!