Five Astonishing Ant Films

meavatarjessScience always finds a way to creep us the hell out when it discovers something new, and that’s the case with this report about a new species of ant likened to a dragon for its dorsal spines. But film buffs know that ants have always been creepy cool and often deadly dangerous.

So herewith, five astonishing ant movies from the annals of horror & sci-fi film and television!

THEM! (1954)

I have to start here, with one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time and certainly one of the best “giant mutated creatures on the rampage” flicks ever conceived. With a stellar cast that even includes a cameo by a young Leonard Nimoy, bone-chilling sound effects, and a plot that keeps up the pace and never lets up until the closing cautionary moments, this is landmark fantasy film making with a “sweet tooth!”


Vaguely based on an H.G. Wells story and produced by schlock legend Bert I. Gordon, this less than effective chiller nevertheless scarred many of us as kids…although maybe that was because of Joan Collins’ acting. Suffice to say it was never going to beat that other imaginative movie that also came out in 1977.

ANT-MAN (2015)

As not only the “Doctor of the Dead” but the “MCU Guru,” I had to throw in this delightful Marvel superhero romp, which features the ill-fated but loyal Antony as well as an ant enlarged to dog size and consigned to a nightmarish existence by the film’s conclusion. Not all ants are evil; some are misunderstood and others are just victims of circumstance.


It’s Chuck Heston battling ants (regular-sized ones no less) at a Brazilian plantation! What more could you possibly want or need? It’s also our second 1954 film, interesting. And speaking of interesting patterns…

ANTS (1977)

The second marauding ant movie to come out in 1977, this TV production – also known as IT HAPPENED AT LAKEWOOD MANOR – sent an army of poisonous ants after a group trapped in a lakeside hotel; not the idyllic getaway they were hoping for.

Did I miss your favorite astonishing ant movie? Let me know what your favorite (or least favorite) is in the comments below, and remember to shoot the other antenna – he’s helpless without them!