Five Storied Swords – From Excalibur to Sting

avatar-scottwoodardmeavatarjessIt was years in the making – a quest unlike any other – but now the exhaustive tome that is CINEMA AND SORCERY is available in print and e-book, penned by none other than the G2V Guys, Arnold T. Blumberg and Scott Woodard!

As we celebrate the release of our volume on the vast history of the sword and sorcery genre, we’ll be offering some extra insights here on the site – consider them side adventures in the midst of a bigger campaign – and first up, a little overview of five favorite swords from films that all received full chapters in our book! The journey begins…


10499856_2Sure, we know there can be only one, but thanks to movie prop replica makers and lots of devoted fans, there must be several hundred copies of Connor MacLeod’s ivory-handled Masamune katana out there. Keep your head on your shoulders!


lord-of-the-rings-sting-glowing-blueIt glows when Orcs are near, but if only it warned the production team not to revisit middle-Earth and give us the CGI-laden disasters that were the HOBBIT films. Ah well, we’ll always have the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy!


imageYes, all right, this isn’t a sword really, but we couldn’t leave out this impressively forged implement from one of the greatest fantasy films of its era, featuring none other than the dragon of sword and sorcery cinema, Vermithrax Pejorative!


excaliburA legend beyond film, beyond fantasy and folklore. This then is Excalibur, the blade of King Arthur, drawn from the stone and heralding the rise of a warrior hero! And it’s also good for playing catch with the Lady of the Lake.


dvd1Discovered in an ancient tomb and used to dispatch ravenous wolves, this bastard sword (well, that’s what it’s called!) serves its muscle-bound master well and remains one of the most iconic weapons in fantasy film history.

Did I miss your favorite blade of destiny? Let me know what your favorite (or least favorite) storied sword is in the comments below, and remember that the quest is the quest! Now…onward!

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