GAMING: G2V at GenCon 2016 Day 1 (well, 2, but who’s counting)

avatar-scottwoodardmeavatarjessJust a quick post tonight, but the G2V Guys united on the floor of GenCon 2016 in anticipation of their big Green Ronin CINEMA AND SORCERY: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO FANTASY FILM book signing on Saturday at 2pm!

But first, it was time to take a turn around the floor and meet some folks, including a chat with the makers of the SURVIVE THE HORDE zombie card game (we’ll be sharing a short interview with Evan Johnson from that team tomorrow), Dom Zook and the SAVING THROW SHOW team, and of course a stop at the Green Ronin booth!

The GenCon floor is full of surprises, but who would expect to find Jack Burton’s rig, the Pork-Chop Express from BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, parked in the middle of the con? Good thing the guys included a chapter on that very movie in the book!

An encounter with the team from the new game SURVIVE THE HORDE resulted in the Doctor of the Dead being immortalized as a zombie!

And he wasn’t the only one deteriorating through the day. Look at this poor GenCon attendee; guess he forgot to hydrate…

A good day was had by all, and the guys wound things down with one more photo op!

We’ll have plenty more from day one and the rest of the weekend right here! And if you’re at the con this weekend, see the guys tomorrow at 2pm at the Green Ronin/Geek & Sundry booth 1421 (map below) and pick up a signed copy of CINEMA AND SORCERY: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO FANTASY FILM! Plus: