RIP George A. Romero, Father of the Modern Zombie

It is with heavy hearts that we join the rest of the zombie, horror, and genre entertainment community in saying farewell to a true legend, the Father of the Modern Zombie himself – George A. Romero, 77. From the 1968 classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD through five further films and a remake of NIGHT, Romero helped to shape the modern conception of the zombie, establishing a storytelling framework that enabled him and countless other creators that followed him to use the zombie as a versatile figure for exploring the human condition. His other films, such as THE CRAZIES, MARTIN, CREEPSHOW, and THE DARK HALF added to his horror legacy, but it is with the zombie genre that Romero will forever be associated. Although the man has left us, his name and work will remain, triumphantly undead and eternally meaningful.

We discussed Romero’s legacy on four episodes of the DOCTOR OF THE DEAD podcast so far, and we invite everyone to join us in revisiting those conversations as a fitting tribute to a man that so successfully blended horror with sociopolitical and cultural commentary, opening our eyes to the true nature of our fellow human beings and, regardless of budgetary or other limitations, aiming always for our heads.