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101: Z Nation The Final Five Episodes of Season 4 Plus: A Round-Up of Xmas Horror Movies

Arnold and Natalie see out 2017 with a look at the final five episodes of Z NATION Season 4 (as well as an important shout-out to the strange shift in the show’s social media presence), and then sit through a marathon of Xmas-themed horror movies (affiliate links below if you want to help out the podcast) as well as something Arnold defines as the “Second Coming of Horror!” Happy holidays to everyone listening, and we hope you’ll join us next year for many more zombie-laden episodes of the DOCTOR OF THE DEAD podcast!

Show Music: “Rage” (feat. Vosmoy) by Still Pluto.

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3 Very Merry Horror Movies

It’s that time of year, and everyone is making a list and…oh, you’re heard that one? Well we made a short one and just in time for some timely holiday viewing. No “Top 10” here or even a judgment call on what’s “best” (although we wouldn’t have picked these if we didn’t think they were well worth your time). Let’s just say we recommend that you either check out – or revisit – these merry and macabre Christmas romps, beginning with one of the seminal American slasher films:



Producer/Director Bob Clark later produced a 2006 remake, but this original featuring Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder, and the always-reliable John Saxon not only contributed to a period of successful Canadian horror production but shaped the slasher genre four years before John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN even came home, building some of the bridge between the blood-soaked American thrillers and their Italian giallo predecessors. Sorority sisters stalked by a serial killer on Christmas vacation – what can possibly go wrong? Clark would later become inextricably linked with Christmas forever by crafting one of the holiday’s most delightful and oft-repeated (24-hour marathons, no less!) modern movie classics, A CHRISTMAS STORY. Just watch out for maniacal killers, Ralphie, they’ll gouge your eye out!



Monster movie, comedy, and Christmas adventure: Joe Dante’s multi-genre mash-up is a tour-de-force of (occasionally stomach-turning) practical effects as the Spielbergian (he exec produced) town of Kingston Falls is overrun by lethal little creatures known as “mogwai.” The first is a cuddly critter named Gizmo, but when rules are broken – fans know all three – and Gizmo spawns a gang of now-reptilian gremlins hellbent on causing mayhem, it’s squeaky clean Billy (Zach Galligan) and hot but troubled girlfriend Kate (Phoebe Cates) to the rescue. Also featuring Hoyt Axton and one of Roger Corman and Dante’s stalwart regulars, the inestimable Dick Miller, this was one of the movies that led to the introduction of the PG-13 rating…reason enough to watch!



Oh, you better watch out, all right, because Santa isn’t screwing around anymore! We wrap up this list with a movie you might not know – a phenomenal Finnish import expanded from a 2003 short feature that reveals the truth about that right jolly old elf, or at least his dark doppelganger, the creepy Krampus! Reminiscent of a few other sinister takes on Santa Claus, this atmospheric ice-bound tale follows a team of hapless reindeer herders that make the mistake of releasing a malevolent entity from his mountain prison. Remember those nice and naughty lists Santa is always scribbling? Imagine that he spends most of his time focusing on dealing with the naughty, and his methods are medieval and macabre!