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avatar-scottwoodardScott here to tell you all about an exciting new Kickstarter for an RPG called…MUTANT CRAWL CLASSICS!

The year is 1978. People are flocking to the theaters to check out movies like DAWN OF THE DEAD and SUPERMAN. Novels like THE STAND by Stephen King and SPLINTER OF THE MIND’S EYE by Alan Dean Foster are published, and way, way up in the town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, a little company known as TSR Games (the company that released the first edition of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS four years prior) unleashes a post-apoc tabletop roleplaying game called GAMMA WORLD!

Co-designed by James M. Ward (METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA) and Gary Jaquet, GAMMA WORLD was set in 2471, over a century after a second nuclear war (referred to as “the Apocalypse”) had devastated the planet. Players took on the roles of mutated humans, robots, sentient plants, and other oddballs befitting such a far-out setting.


Over the decades, GAMMA WORLD has been re-tooled and re-released in several different editions; some from TSR, and some from other publishers like Sword and Sorcery Studios in 2003. Six years ago, while DUNGEONS & DRAGONS was in its fourth incarnation, Wizards of the Coast released the 7th edition of the game that boasted compatibility with 4E (even going so far as to officially title it the D&D GAMMA WORLD ROLEPLAYING GAME: A D&D GENRE SETTING). While this was a fun and well-designed game in its own right, after Wizards published only a couple supplements, it – like fourth edition DUNGEONS & DRAGONS – soon went the way of all out-of-print RPGs.

Recently, the rising “Old School Renaissance” in tabletop roleplaying game circles has spawned a number of retro-clones and newly designed systems that embrace old school game mechanics. One of the more successful of these is DUNGEON CRAWL CLASSICS published by Goodman Games. Imagine a mighty, 500-page door stopper of a tome with black-and-white art and a system that utilizes a wide array of polyhedral dice including 5, 16, and 24-sided dice!

The next logical step for Goodman Games is a return to the mutant-stricken, post-nuclear world of GAMMA WORLD, so right now they are seeking support via Kickstarter for MUTANT CRAWL CLASSICS. MCC is fully compatible with DUNGEON CRAWL CLASSICS, and for only $40 USD you can snag the color hardcover edition, while just $60 gets you the deluxe foil edition!


It’s time to party in the post-holocaust with MUTANT CRAWL CLASSICS from Goodman Games! Don your gas masks and your anti-rad suits and pledge now!