The Best and Worst in Zombies on Netflix – Halloween 2015

You’re looking for some fun zombie films to stream during the best time of the year: Halloween! The Doctor has you covered, as he’s gone through what’s on tap over at Netflix and herewith offers you five recommended films…and three other choices that might still provide just the right kind of entertainment if friends and drinks are involved!



nfdayofthedeadDAY OF THE DEAD (1985) – There’s a reason George Romero’s original trilogy of zombie films is a classic triumvirate of terror and telling social commentary. Even in this, arguably the weakest after NIGHT and DAWN, there’s plenty to keep zombie fans happy, including the stunning performance by Sherman Howard as a self-aware zombie named Bub and some of the greatest makeup work in the genre by Tom Savini and Greg (THE WALKING DEAD) Nicotero.

nfpontypoolPONTYPOOL (2008) – If you want an intellectual exercise in the zombie genre, look no further as language itself becomes our enemy, spreading an infection through words alone. A brilliant innovation on the standard tropes of the apocalyptic story we all know so well, this is one that every fan should see at least once.

nfrec3REC 3: GENESIS (2012) – A twisted romance tale takes center stage in this third installment in the REC series, cleverly abandoning the found footage approach from the first two films in an organic plot development, then following the survivors of a wedding reception as the zombies close in. Horror, humor, heart, and a truly kick-ass female lead that deserves to become a horror icon.

nfwyrmwoodWYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD (2015) – MAD MAX meets RE-ANIMATOR meets…well let’s just say that zombie genre DNA runs deep in this low budget but action-packed roller coaster ride with its own clever additions to the ever-evolving list of potential zombie rules! Zombie blood as gasoline? Fill me up with undeaded!

nfdeadsnowDEAD SNOW (2009) – Norwegian Nazi zombies, how can you go wrong? With a twisted sense of humor and nods to the EVIL DEAD franchise, this is a snowbound thrill ride with plenty of red to go with the white. When you combine one of history’s greatest real horrors with one of our favorite media monsters, you have a solid recipe for terrifying entertainment.


nfzombiehunterZOMBIE HUNTER (2013) – I love Danny Trejo, but he does just take jobs now where he gets paid in sandwiches, right? That would explain his role here. Watch for someone that bothers to readjust her hair in the middle of being murdered by a chainsaw; that’s acting.

nfzombeaversZOMBEAVERS (2014) – Why do so many zombie stories avoid zombie animals? Well, not all of them do, as this effort makes plain in its very title. The undead are nastier than ever, because now they’re…well, beavers, apparently. So that happened.

nfrobinhoodghostROBIN HOOD: THE GHOST OF SHERWOOD (2012) – We’re really doing this? OK then, take a trip back to those days of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor as Maid Marian and Little John turn their legendary colleagues into zombies. Where’s Kevin Costner when you need him?