The Hermit’s Cave: The Search for Life

Perhaps some of the most overlooked chapters in the history of the zombie genre are the many times the creatures reared their dead (or living!) heads in radio dramas. Today there’s a resurgence in interest in some of these vintage tales of terror via a number of shows that utilize the many public domain recordings that still remain from the Golden Age of radio entertainment. While these productions are of a certain time and often quirky by today’s standards, they represent a vital part of horror history that deserves attention. From time to time, we’ll share some zombie-themed selections with you, and we hope you’ll find them fun and even enlightening.

This time it’s “The Search for Life,” an episode of the anthology series THE HERMIT’S CAVE that ran from 1930-1944 (episode date unknown, probably 1930s). Steel yourself for the truly annoying cackle of your hermit host, but get ready for a creepy if crudely performed story. It’s a satisfyingly gruesome tale of tampering with the natural process of death, and it has a few elements that should be very familiar to fans of the 1985 zombie film classic RE-ANIMATOR, especially a certain cranial climax for a mad scientist who’s taken his experiments way too far. Listen now…the Doctor of the Dead prescribes it!