A message for our customers,

Today, we have resumed shipping of all outstanding orders, and will continue to ship orders as we’re able, but on a more protracted timeline for the foreseeable future. We will also continue to offer free shipping for all US orders to help offset the inconvenience. International customers can email us at and we will create a custom invoice with a $15 shipping discount on all book orders.

Orders remain open, and regular shipping options are also still active on the site; if you would prefer to choose one of those as a way to further support our small press, we would greatly appreciate it.

We have a lot of exciting projects on the way, and we can’t wait to share all of them with you. These are uncertain times, but we are all working through the difficulties together, and our sense of community is what will help give us comfort moving forward. If you would like to reach out, even just to talk, you can message us on social media, send an email, or fill out our contact form.

Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you well.

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