Support ReGen Artists and Vendors

As many of you may already know, this year’s ReGeneration Who convention was canceled less than a week before the scheduled event. A lot of the artists and vendors are left with empty pockets and full inventories, so we’re banding together to try to help each other signal boost.

Some of the artists and vendors have existing online shops, others do not. So, we worked with Katie from Nerdfelt Tea to create a Facebook group to centralize all the information in order to assist those who can only sell by emailing an invoice to an interested customer.

You can find the Regenerating Artists Alley and Vendor Group on Facebook. If you’re a Facebook user, the best way to support all the artists and vendors is to join this group and share it with your friends. The more, the merrier!

We’ve been asked by some who want to spread the word to compile a list of shop links. Here are links to all the artists and vendors participating in this virtual table sale. For those who do not have an online shop, the link will take you to their album in the Facebook group.

As You Wish Accessories –

ATB Publishing –

Beef Jerky Guy –

Bleed Geeks –

Charlotte Mann –

Corgasaur –

Craftigurumi –

Eattoast Studio by Kelsey Wailes –

Em2a Studios –

Felix Eddy – The Clockwork Sphinx –

Geek Girls’ Castle –

JessieSeamsSewGeeky –

MayFaire Moon Corsets & Costumes –

Nerdfelt –

Nerdy Keppie –

No Strings Attached Custom Puppets –

Noble Intentions Ceramics –

Not Your Grandmom’s Bags –

Paramedic Zombies/Tardis Worx –

Peter Vinton Jr – Art and Illustration –

Pixel Who –

Quiltoni –

Ripping It Down –

Science Fiction Continuum –

Simon Fraser –

Skull N Bones –

SkyFire Fox Arts –

Sun Dame –

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey –

On Tom Baker’s 85th: Arnold Remembers a Momentous Meeting

On this, Tom Baker’s 85th birthday, our own Arnold T. Blumberg shares some thoughts:

Every Doctor Who fan of a certain age probably has their own ‘I met Tom’ story. For me, meeting the man that defined the Doctor for generations of fans was inextricably linked with my first days as a publisher, way back in 2000.

The first edition of Howe’s Transcendental Toybox – a then-comprehensive guide to Who merchandise – was a joint venture between me (ATB Publishing) and David Howe (Telos Publishing), and our official launch took place at The Stamp Centre in London on the actual anniversary date of the show, November 23. In addition to me and David and stacks of the Toybox book, there was artist Chris Achilleos, Caroline John, Sophie Aldred, Elisabeth Sladen, (Carole Ann Ford, I think?), and, of course, Tom.

It was years before either of us would be a Curator, and I was just amazed to be meeting the Doctor in a setting where we were all signing books and collectibles together like peers. I was scheduled to do a signing right alongside Tom, and when it was over, I showed him a copy of the Toybox. He flipped through it, stopping at various pages and laughing (I can’t recall if he looked at the Tom Baker underpants during one of those laughs, but I like to think he did). And then we took the picture you see here.

Years later, we featured very kind comments from Tom on the cover of the Toybox’s second edition: ‘It puts everyone in the know…Competent and understandable…very valuable.’ But the quote we did NOT use was the one I will never forget, the one he said to me on November 23, 2000, right after flipping through the first edition Toybox and right before we took our picture together. He looked at me with that big teeth-and-curls smile and said:

‘Look at all these wonderful things I’ve never been paid for!’

From one doctor and former curator to another – Happy birthday, Tom Baker!

Starting in 2019, BOOKWYRM: An Unauthorised & Unconventional Guide to the Doctor Who Novels

We’re very excited to announce our latest foray into the vast universe of DOCTOR WHO, a series that will do for the WHO novels what the first two OUTSIDE IN volumes did for the television show! An episode guide to a series of episodes that never were, the BOOKWYRM books will offer trivia, thematic discussions, plot holes, continuity notes, reviews and much more in a cheerful and entertaining style. The first volume covers all 61 New Adventures novels. And what were the New Adventures?

From the time DOCTOR WHO vanished from television screens in 1989 to its first return with the Paul McGann telemovie in 1996, the saga continued in print via a series of New Adventures novels. For many fans, this was the official continuation of the story that had ended with Ace and the Doctor walking into the sunset, perhaps never to be seen again.

All these years later, the New Adventures (or NAs) have defined Modern DOCTOR WHO in many ways. Russell T. Davies was a huge fan and wrote for the range, while Steven Moffat contributed short stories. Other contributing DOCTOR WHO luminaries included Terrance Dicks, Andrew Cartmel and Marc Platt. It was also the first stepping stone for Paul Cornell, Mark Gatiss, Gareth Roberts, Kate Orman and Lance Parkin, among many others. The books themselves are regarded as a literary Golden Age for DOCTOR WHO; there is even a word that describes the way fans remember them – “NAstalgia.” And for those that never read them before, they provide an invaluable insight into where DOCTOR WHO was heading before and after its 2005 rebirth.

BOOKWYRM Volume 1 is serious and not-at-all serious, thoughtful and disrespectful. It’s accessible to newcomers that never read the NAs and equally informative to those who can tell you fifteen unknown facts about Paul Cornell.

Too broad and deep; that’s the New Adventures in a nutshell. Let the BOOKWYRM be your guide! Read on for comments on the first installment in the BOOKWYRM series from the people who know the NAs best (click for a larger version):

STORYTELLING ENGINES – Afterword and Release Date – Pre-Orders Open

We’re very proud to announce that John Seavey’s STORYTELLING ENGINES – a unique look at the history of superhero comics storytelling – will feature an afterword by Irene Vartanoff, author (the Temporary Superheroine series), prolific DC Comics letter writer, and Marvel & DC writer and colorist.

We’re very grateful to Irene for contributing an afterword to STORYTELLING ENGINES, and we also want to thank Jacque Nodell ( for putting in a good word for us with Irene. You can read more about Irene’s career at her website,

STORYTELLING ENGINES will be released on May 16, 2018. Pre-orders are open now at

Coming in 2018 from ATB Publishing

The staff of ATB Publishing just returned from a very successful weekend at LONG ISLAND WHO, where we had our physical launch of both RED WHITE AND WHO and OUTSIDE IN MAKES IT SO!

But another thing that ATB released was a surprise sneak peak at the titles planned for 2018, including the next installment in the OUTSIDE IN series and a couple other new projects! If you weren’t able to make it to L.I. Who, we’ve posted the preview page here. Stay tuned, lots more exciting pop culture non-fiction on the way from ATB in 2018!