16: 50 Years of DOCTOR WHO Part 2

In Part 2 of our celebration of DOCTOR WHO‘s 50th anniversary, we take a look at the big events of the weekend itself, from the airing of the special adventure “The Day of the Doctor” to AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME, the Mark Gatiss-scripted drama that takes a nostalgic look back at the beginning of it all. Scott and Arnold discuss the celebration of a television institution, focus on the many “beautiful” touches that made it such an unbridled joy, and also provide some feedback on Big Finish’s own 50th anniversary special, “The Light at the End,” and the classic Doctor romp, “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot!” Also, check the show links below for some of the many ways that Scott and Arnold seemed to take over the Internet on the 50th anniversary weekend!

SPECIAL NOTE: This episode features a remix of the DOCTOR WHO theme by “Gwylock1”!

The 20th anniversary DOCTOR WHO TECHNICAL MANUAL published in 1983
The 20th anniversary DOCTOR WHO TECHNICAL MANUAL published in 1983

CONTEST TIME! Listeners (or readers of this very post) can win a copy of the 1983 DOCTOR WHO TECHNICAL MANUAL simply by writing in to the podcast e-mail address with your tale about how you first discovered the Doctor! Get in touch, share your story, and we’ll not only share some of them in the next episode but choose one to receive this special 20th anniversary collectible!

Happy times and places!

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The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

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Wikia Expert Showcase: DOCTOR WHO featuring Arnold

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