9: John Carpenter – The “Prince of Darkness”

Scott and Arnold kick off a month-long tribute to the greatest holiday of them all – Halloween – with a tribute to a film maker whose name is synonymous with that festival: John Carpenter! The guys have selected five films to discuss in this feature-length episode – HALLOWEEN, THE FOG, THE THING, PRINCE OF DARKNESS, IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS – three of which comprise the director’s self-titled “Apocalypse Trilogy.” Join us as we start a month of horror and mayhem with a Master of the Macabre, the Prince of Darkness himself!

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Michael Myers Masks

Hysterical (1983, The Hudson Brothers)

John W. Campbell Jr.’s “Who Goes There?” (Wikipedia)

Practical effects from The Thing remake (video by ADI)

Bernard Quatermass (Wikipedia)

Timescape (1980, Gregory Benford – John Carpenter has credited this as partial inspiration for Prince of Darkness)