11: Universal Horror! – with Steven Warren Hill

In their second weekly episode in October to celebrate Halloween, Scott and Arnold take a fond look back at one of the greatest sustained periods of horror movie magic with a chat about the Universal Studios horror movies of the 1920s-1940s and the many monsters that populated their memorable pantheon.

To help them out, the guys welcome author Steven Warren Hill of the two-volume guide to classic horror cinema from 1920-1951, Silver Scream!

Steven Warren Hill, author of SILVER SCREAM
Steven Warren Hill, author of SILVER SCREAM

SPECIAL NOTE: We’d like to thank well-known Halloween music and gothic horror fantasy soundtrack composers and performers, Midnight Syndicate, for allowing us to incorporate music from their phenomenal new album that also pays tribute to the Universal legacy, Monsters of Legend.

Monsters_of_Legend_coverWe also want to draw your attention to the group’s new Kickstarter campaign to enable them to perform live; it has a goal of at least $40,000 by Sunday, November 10, 11:30pm EST. Check out the details here or via the banner link on the right on our site. Thanks again, guys!

TECHNICAL NOTE: We continue to work out the technical kinks, but this one is odd. This was our first three-way (please, don’t) conversation (recorded prior to our interview with Stephen Graves in the preceding “Satellite” episode), but not entirely for that reason, Scott’s audio fell about a second behind Arnold’s and Steve’s. This results in a weird recurring delay in which it seems that Arnold and Steve are stepping on Scott’s comments or leaving him as the last to react to something in the conversation, resulting in creepy delayed laughter from Scott. Trust us – the guys aren’t being rude to him, neither is Scott demonically possessed. Although we do think “Scott’s Laugh” may become a new CreepyPasta worthy of the SCP Foundation:

SCP-3370: Scott's Laugh
SCP-3370: Scott’s Laugh



SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Since this is a sound – possibly independent of any actual recording technology or physical media – containment is a difficult if not impossible task, with the most effort concentrated instead on raising awareness and exercising extreme caution.

DESCRIPTION: This is the ghostly delayed laughter of G2V Podcast producer and co-host Scott Alan Woodard, who slipped out of phase one day and kept laughing out of sync with reality. Sometimes people say they can hear his laugh – always delayed by an awkward amount of time – on YouTube videos, their own iPhones, and even old CDs. Some even report continuing to hear the laugh long after they’ve shut off any recording or device, as if the sound has infected them or taken up residence inside their auditory canal. Others wake in the middle of the night to utter silence, but if they wait a moment…


In all documented cases, the laugh causes dementia and eventually death.

So enjoy the episode!

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