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17: Paul and Storm & Ball Pit!

In this special “Satellite” interview episode, The G2V Guys welcome Paul and Storm, the musical comedy duo that has taken the geek world by storm (ha, because one of them is…never mind…) and cast a Paul across the fan universe (because the other one…but that doesn’t even mean the right thing, so…forget it…)! Anyway, they’re awesome, they’re funny, they’ve opened for Jonathan (PORTAL, PORTAL 2, LEFT 4 DEAD 2) Coulton, they’ve worked with the likes of Wil Wheaton and Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin smashed their guitar (he had a reason, see below in the show links), Paul’s dogs only threaten to end the episode prematurely (but they MUST be obeyed), and they’re drumming up support via Kickstarter for their fifth album, BALL PIT!

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Paul and Storm >> Original Comedy Music from Professional Singing Persons

Kickstarter Campaign for New Album BALL PIT

Paul and Storm on Facebook

Paul and Storm (paulandstorm) on Twitter

“The Ballad of the Sneak” by DaVinci’s Notebook at Homestar Runner

W00tstock 5.0 – George R.R. Martin vs. Paul and Storm

Wil Wheaton and guests Paul Sabourin and Storm DiCostanzo (Paul and Storm, Learning Town), and Andrew Hackard (Steve Jackson Games) play Chez Geek!

Learning Town Ep. 1 (YouTube)