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The Doctor of the Dead’s 2015 Holiday Shopping List!

You’re looking for just the right gifts for the zombie fan in your life, and the Doctor is here to help! Take a look at this list of zombie-themed holiday shopping suggestions, from books to TV shows to toys and games! And if you click through to order any of the Amazon-linked items, you’re helping us here at G2V Productions and DOCTOR OF THE DEAD! So let’s get started on 12 great giftZ…and 1 more for Jason!

You know all those holiday cards with the ugly sweaters, but these are just beautiful, paying homage to the HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13th films, JAWS, and more!

Show your support for the most awesome zombie podcast in the apocalypse, and when you get one, send us your pics of it in the wild!




The show that does what it wants because it doesn’t know that it can’t is just concluding a cool and crazy second year, with a third on the way! Catch up on The Murphy and the Z-team with this Season 2 release!

Yes, it’s unlikely anyone listening to DOTD hasn’t already caught up to the latest episodes of this show, but why not buy one of the best seasons for a friend and get them hooked too?

You love zombies, you love Lovecraftian horror, and you love the Old West – so this RPG was written for you! And, as a matter of fact, it was written by none other than DOTD producer and co-host SCOTT ALAN WOODARD, based on the comic book series from Oni Press!

As with many popular, long-running comic book series, there are a number of formats and chronological presentations of the Robert Kirkman-scripted zombie saga that inspired the worldwide television success story. But here’s a nice way to get started at the very beginning yourself, or introduce a friend/loved one to the harrowing black-and-white experience!

If you just can’t get enough and want some additional commentary on this juggernaut of a zombie show, check out this superb essay collection…and we’d say that even if one of the chapters wasn’t written by Doctor of the Dead Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg himself!

Yes, the cheesy holiday staple now has a variety of zombie-themed styles. Collect them all! Or not. You know, it’s up to you, really.

It’s very simple; just put your feet into the zombies’ mouths and enjoy the warmth and security.

A new edition of the stunning game experience that surprised us all by slipping a special breed of zombie into their post-apocalyptic survival scenario. There’s a fungus among us!

The massive game line from Twilight Creations (do you have all the editions and expansions?) now has a version just for the kiddies! The zombies here don’t need to be taken out by a head shot; they just need a time-out. Aww, cute!

Funko Pop may just have found a use for every last piece of plastic on the surface of the Earth with their unending line of unbearably cute adaptations of all your favorite pop culture characters. There is probably a metric ton’s worth of WALKING DEAD figures alone, but this one has the added value of putting Daryl on his bike.

Part 1 of the three-part “Newsflesh Trilogy,” this amazing book is the Doctor’s pick for the most well-crafted modern zombie novel published in the last 20 years. You’ll probably want to rush right into the next two volumes, but be warned; things get wilder and crazier as you go!

Speaking of getting started on a zombie comic saga, this volume not only gives you the chance to begin reading the series that inspired the fantastic TV show, but it demonstrates just how different the television incarnation is from its source material. Follow “Gwen” Dylan the zombie (NOT Liv Moore) as she adventures through a world of creatures you’ll never see on the CW!

19: “All Snug in Their Beds” – Doctor Who Special

In a special holiday “Satellite” episode just in time for Christmas Day, the G2V’s own Scott Alan Woodard presents a dramatic reading of his story “All Snug in Their Beds” originally published in the 2007 DOCTOR WHO anthology published by Big Finish, SHORT TRIPS: THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS!

Featuring music by Matt Jessop, Rat Soufflé, and Singing Bell.

From Scott: “Despite a few ropey impressions and accents, I think it came out rather well considering I did it all in one night (a bit like the antics of that portly, red suited gentleman). I hope you all enjoy it and thanks again for supporting The G2V Podcast!”

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3 Classic TWILIGHT ZONE Christmas Episodes

When we were looking for other ways to celebrate the Christmas season here at the ol’ G2V, we thought what better way than to pay homage to one of the greatest television series of all time – one that not only presented its share of holiday-themed episodes in its own unique style, but had as its creator and primary writer a man that was actually born on December 25! That’s right, the man behind the legend that is THE TWILIGHT ZONE, Rod Serling, came into the world on Christmas Day 1924. Not only that, but Serling was born in Syracuse, just a couple hours from the G2V Producer and Co-host Scott Alan Woodard’s hometown of Rochester, NY…and he died in Rochester on June 28, 1975 at the all-too-young age of 50. Long before then, he had given the world one of the most memorable journeys into pure imagination that ever aired on the small screen. Here are three episodes from the classic run of THE TWILIGHT ZONE that also incorporated Christmas themes, with a few bonus mentions for others that did the same through several incarnations of the show:


“The Night of the Meek” (Dec. 23 1960)

Art Carney of THE HONEYMOONERS fame is Henry Corwin in this Serling-penned script. Corwin is a down-on-his-luck, often drunk fellow that just wants to bring some happiness into people’s lives by being a department store Santa, but it’s a world that doesn’t seem very interested in happiness, least of all Corwin’s own. Fortunately that magical realm known as the Twilight Zone is about to give Mr. Corwin a chance to make dreams come true for himself and children all around the world. Carney’s performance is heart-rending with that early television production style lending a raw immediacy to events. Character actor John Fiedler also turns up playing his stock-in-trade, a weasel of a human being with a lump of coal for a heart…but can even he be transformed by a miracle? If you don’t shed a tear by the episode’s end, you have no soul.


“Five Characters in Search of an Exit” (Dec. 22 1961)

This show aired 52 years ago, so the spoiler ship has sailed. Now it’s true that the full power of a TWILIGHT ZONE often resides in its shock ending, and just by listing this one we’re at least partially tipping that ending here. Basing this episode on a short Marvin Petal story titled “The Depository,” Serling again writes a tense character study as five bizarre figures fight to escape a featureless white cylinder, unable to remember how they got there or even who they truly are. The ending is both terrifying and oddly sweet, and yes there’s Christmas in the air just beyond the circular rim of their prison. Long before TOY STORY, Serling was suggesting that some things might have feelings and an existence of their very own.


“The Changing of the Guard” (Jun. 1 1962)

On Christmas Eve, Professor Ellis Fowler – played with extraordinary sensitivity by Donald Pleasence – contemplates suicide when he is pressured to retire after a half-century of teaching. Looking back on his career, Fowler is convinced that he never left his mark or offered anything of consequence to a single student. He then experiences a Dickensian visitation of former students that not only reassures him as to his role in the lives of these brave fellows but encourages him to go on. For anyone that values education or teaches themselves (the G2V’s Arnold T. Blumberg being one of those people), this episode hits especially hard and offers a beautiful message about the true value of a life spent learning and sharing knowledge with others.


Although we focused on these three, the original TWILIGHT ZONE aired other episodes near or on Christmas itself that didn’t actually use the holiday as a theme. They were “What You Need” (Dec. 25 1959) and “Ninety Years Without Slumbering (Dec. 20 1963). And while the one-season 2002 third incarnation of the show never did a Christmas episode of any kind (otherwise we’d have managed the hat trick: 3 TWILIGHT ZONEs, 3 episodes), the first revival in the 1980s did not one but two holiday stories in their 3-segment thirteenth episode on Dec. 20, 1985:


The middle bit featured Pam Dawber and is best forgotten (and doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas anyway), but the first segment was a remake of “The Night of the Meek” with Richard Mulligan as Corwin and William Atherton – the go-to-guy in the ’80s for sleazy creeps – in Fiedler’s role. The final segment was a moving tale called “The Star,” in which a priest (Fritz Weaver) on a space mission to investigate the remains of an ancient civilization wiped out by a long-ago supernova discovers a devastating truth that cuts to the core of his faith and the very idea of Christmas. Based on a short story by Arthur C. Clarke that ended on a dark note, the TV version tries to spin things happier. But hey, they all still died. Merry Christmas!

3 Very Merry Horror Movies

It’s that time of year, and everyone is making a list and…oh, you’re heard that one? Well we made a short one and just in time for some timely holiday viewing. No “Top 10” here or even a judgment call on what’s “best” (although we wouldn’t have picked these if we didn’t think they were well worth your time). Let’s just say we recommend that you either check out – or revisit – these merry and macabre Christmas romps, beginning with one of the seminal American slasher films:



Producer/Director Bob Clark later produced a 2006 remake, but this original featuring Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder, and the always-reliable John Saxon not only contributed to a period of successful Canadian horror production but shaped the slasher genre four years before John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN even came home, building some of the bridge between the blood-soaked American thrillers and their Italian giallo predecessors. Sorority sisters stalked by a serial killer on Christmas vacation – what can possibly go wrong? Clark would later become inextricably linked with Christmas forever by crafting one of the holiday’s most delightful and oft-repeated (24-hour marathons, no less!) modern movie classics, A CHRISTMAS STORY. Just watch out for maniacal killers, Ralphie, they’ll gouge your eye out!



Monster movie, comedy, and Christmas adventure: Joe Dante’s multi-genre mash-up is a tour-de-force of (occasionally stomach-turning) practical effects as the Spielbergian (he exec produced) town of Kingston Falls is overrun by lethal little creatures known as “mogwai.” The first is a cuddly critter named Gizmo, but when rules are broken – fans know all three – and Gizmo spawns a gang of now-reptilian gremlins hellbent on causing mayhem, it’s squeaky clean Billy (Zach Galligan) and hot but troubled girlfriend Kate (Phoebe Cates) to the rescue. Also featuring Hoyt Axton and one of Roger Corman and Dante’s stalwart regulars, the inestimable Dick Miller, this was one of the movies that led to the introduction of the PG-13 rating…reason enough to watch!



Oh, you better watch out, all right, because Santa isn’t screwing around anymore! We wrap up this list with a movie you might not know – a phenomenal Finnish import expanded from a 2003 short feature that reveals the truth about that right jolly old elf, or at least his dark doppelganger, the creepy Krampus! Reminiscent of a few other sinister takes on Santa Claus, this atmospheric ice-bound tale follows a team of hapless reindeer herders that make the mistake of releasing a malevolent entity from his mountain prison. Remember those nice and naughty lists Santa is always scribbling? Imagine that he spends most of his time focusing on dealing with the naughty, and his methods are medieval and macabre!