Episode 18: Crimson Peak and The Screaming Skull

Natalie and Arnold, partly inspired by recent viewings of LOKI, visit a home so big that it may need an Usher. It’s certainly drafty and full of secrets, not to mention tons of clever nods to horror genre history. Follow them on their journey to the clay-filled creepiness of the unfairly overlooked CRIMSON PEAK (2015) by Guillermo del Toro! Then, travel to a slightly more modern but no less haunted home with more than a few similarities to del Toro’s tale of a newlywed tormented by her husband and plagued by shrieking specters in the 1958 Castle-esque exercise in tedium, THE SCREAMING SKULL (1958)! So put the peacocks outside, bundle up warm, and whatever you do, don’t drink the tea as you settle in for a very shrieky episode of GHOULS IN THE HOUSE!

And remember, when you’re listening to this podcast, the only ghoul in the house…is YOU!

Show Music: “Cemetery Dance” by The Vivisectors.

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