Episode 6: Halloween 2020 Triple Feature

“Happy, happy Halloween…” If you remember anything at all about HALLOWEEN III (and as it’s a favorite around here, you certainly should), you know that Conal Cochran’s evil plan involved three distinctive masks – a pumpkin, a witch, and a skull. Natalie decided that would be the method for choosing three films to chat about with Arnold for this Halloween special edition of GHOULS IN THE HOUSE. Up first, a pumpkin demon embodies the spirit of the season in the 2007 anthology, TRICK ‘R TREAT! Next, it’s not just one witch but four in the 1996 cult classic about true female empowerment, THE CRAFT! Finally, a loud-mouthed skull and his entire bony body are causing trouble in the ode to ’50s schlock sci-fi, THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA (2001)! So keep your jack-o’-lanterns lit, enter the circle with perfect love and perfect trust, and above all, don’t get horribly mutilated!

And remember, when you’re listening to this podcast, the only ghoul in the house…is YOU!

Show Music: “Cemetery Dance” by The Vivisectors.

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