Episode 16: The Burning and Cropsey

Forty years ago, a slasher film conceived by an actual monster became part of the genre’s big boom at the start of the 1980s. Now, Natalie and Arnold head back to Camp Blackfoot for a look at the legend brought to life through the work of three future film and TV stars, makeup maestro Tom Savini, and progressive rock musician Rick Wakeman of Yes. Prepare yourself for THE BURNING (1981) – as well as brief podcast cameos by no fewer than two Murray brothers – and then delve into the real-world connections in the documentary CROPSEY (2009) and beyond. So gather ’round the campfire, keep an eye out for guys with garden shears, and listen to another legendary episode of GHOULS IN THE HOUSE!

And remember, when you’re listening to this podcast, the only ghoul in the house…is YOU!

Show Music: “Cemetery Dance” by The Vivisectors.

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