OUTSIDE IN MAKES IT SO SUPPLEMENTAL: 11 Unique Perspectives on 11 STAR TREK PICARD Stories by 11 Writers


Put ten Star Trek: Picard fans in a room and you’ll wind up with eleven opinions (appropriately enough this time around), 47 heated debates about the nature of synthetic life and somebody cosplaying Rios in a transporter accident with a space orchid. That’s because Star Trek fans are gloriously weird, uniquely different and sometimes entirely outlandish. And so is this book.

Celebrating the return of Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Picard, OUTSIDE IN MAKES IT SO SUPPLEMENTAL is a special free PDF-only collection of 11 reviews, one for every story of the show’s first season. Well, we say “reviews”, but we mean that loosely: within these pages, you’ll find political addresses, lectures, obituaries, fantasies, reality TV shows and even a Borg bake-off, not to mention insightful and thoughtful articles examining Star Trek: Picard from just about every angle imaginable…and then some!

Provocative, engrossing, hilarious and utterly gonzo. This is OUTSIDE IN.

Featuring contributions from:
Rich Handley
Liu Yin
Jessica C. Clark
Anthony Wilson
Andy Hicks
Lars Pearson
Drew Meyer
Arnold T. Blumberg
Rebecca Iverson
Ashley Heaton Kuczenski
Eric Pelot
Jason A. Miller


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