Episode 14: Rippermania

Natalie and Arnold stalk the streets of Victorian-era Whitechapel and swingin’ ’70s San Francisco with a look at two films that present drastically different takes on the lethal legacy of Jack the Ripper. First up, none other than H.G. Wells himself pursues his erstwhile friend and knife-happy killer Dr. John Leslie Stevenson into the future in the time-traveling romantic adventure, TIME AFTER TIME (1979). Then it’s back to the 1800s to uncover a colossal conspiracy at the bloody heart of the Ripper’s murder spree in the 2001 cinematic adaptation of Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s graphic novel, FROM HELL. So make sure you have your key, don’t take any grapes from strangers, and listen to another heartwarming episode of GHOULS IN THE HOUSE!

And remember, when you’re listening to this podcast, the only ghoul in the house…is YOU!

Show Music: “Cemetery Dance” by The Vivisectors.

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