4: Abramsverse Star Trek

Scott and Arnold beam up to an alternate reality and shield their eyes from the lens flare (no, that will never get old) as they prepare to dive deep into the action-packed reinvention of the venerable STAR TREK franchise that some have dubbed “Abramsverse Trek!” So grab some beer, fill up the engine room tuns, rev it up to Warp Factor Whatever, and set phasers to “doesn’t transwarp beaming and magic blood ruin everything?”

Oh, and do we need to warn you that since we discuss both movies in depth, there’s a spoiler storm ahead akin to an asteroid field or a Mutara Nebula made entirely of spoilers? So now you know.

NOTE: We had another technical glitch, with some of Arnold’s audio making him sound a bit drunk (he doesn’t even drink!), but it’s yet another lesson learned for next time – remember to kill all background backups!

ALSO: Be warned, voices are raised a few times – maybe it’s just because of how much we care. Ultimately it’s all a result of us having a great time doing the show!

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