5: Retro TV – The ABC Sunday Night Movie

Scott and Arnold head  to the 1980s (mostly) for the first in a recurring series of episodes that will take the G2V team back into the annals of “Retro TV!” But where do they go first? Let’s let the voiceover explain…

“Tonight, a special G2V presentation. A nostalgic journey to a time before the Internet, before DVDs, when cinematic blockbusters arrived on your screens via a television network dedicated to providing weekend entertainment for the whole family. Scott Alan Woodard, Arnold T. Blumberg, Joel Crager, Ernie Anderson, and all your favorite stars! THE ABC SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE!

…although tonight’s episode is meant for the entire family, some of the discussion may veer into sensitive subject matter such as poorly edited James Bond films, nuclear destruction, and even death by gorilla foot. Parental discretion is advised.”

SPECIAL NOTE: We talk about the horrendous ABC edit of ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE and not knowing quite how that came to be. After we completed the episode, we found a website that purports to offer an answer, so see the link below for that explanation!

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